These Free Streaming Apps Have Great Movies and TV Shows

The fact is that people across the world are currently battling hard times. Many people have been impacted financially due to the new Covid-19 cases. So, how do you cut unnecessary expenses? You can cancel Netflix, pay-TV, and other video streaming platforms that consume your resources. This post has compiled a list of free streaming sites that will enable you to access great TV shows and movies. Read on to discover this valuable information.


IMDb TV was recently launched, and the fantastic thing is that it is a free streaming service. This emerging platform features many popular TV shows and movies that you can stream at no cost. Another fantastic thing is that IMDb TV is accessible on every platform, including web browsers, Android and iOS devices.

Redbox Free Live TV

The main feature of Redbox Free Live TV is the traditional television model. The platform features loads of different channels and streams in a way similar to a live TV. Here, you will find comedy shows, web culture content, news, and several popular TV series like Unsolved Mysteries, Family Feud, Forensic Files, etc. Enjoy watching this excellent content without paying a dime or even registering on the platform!


Crackle has been in operation for a long time and is considered one of the best places to find great free content. The fantastic thing is that you will find plenty of TV shows and movies on this platform. The selection features several things you haven’t heard and will also find popular favorite shows.


Kanopy is referred to as one of the greatest streaming services out there. The cool thing is that you already have access to this platform. If you attended college or have a library card, you probably have access to many streaming movies on this platform. Another amazing thing is that the streaming selection is impressive, and there are Kanopy apps suited for every platform, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android, iOS, and more.

It is time for you to access these streaming platforms and access thousands of incredible TV shows and movies at no cost! Enjoy it with your friends and family.