Companies That Renamed Themselves

Changing your company’s name is a major step, so why have companies like Facebook done it? Why do businesses rename themselves? Some companies outgrow their names as their business models change, while others may want to manage or remove themselves from bad press. Here are some of the most notable name changes.

Facebook changes name to Meta

Facebook has changed its name to go beyond the social network where it all began. In addition to Facebook, Meta controls Instagram and WhatsApp. Meta refers to the Metaverse, which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to create — an online environment where individuals can interact, collaborate and communicate virtually utilizing Facebook’s Oculus VR headsets.

Apple Computers to Apple on iPhone launch

When Apple revolutionized the consumer technology scene in 2007 with the release of the iPhone, Apple deleted the word “computers” from its name. 

Tobacco giant Philip Morris switches to Altria

Phillip Morris opted to rebrand as the Altria Group in 2003 after facing legal action and PR disasters as one of the world’s largest cigarette corporations. Some claim that the branding was intended to separate the corporation from its poor press.

Subway was formerly Pete’s Super Submarines

Pete’s Super Submarines may not be as catchy or memorable as Subway, but it has a certain appeal that Subway simply lacks. Pete Buck founded the firm in 1965, and it was originally known as Pete’s Super Submarines until changing its name to Pete’s Submarines in 1968. Around 42,000 outlets are currently open around the world.