Biggest Box Office Flops

Movies are typically made with profit-making as the primary objective. While most go-ahead to make loads of profits on the box office, some perform miserably. Are you interested in knowing the biggest box office flops of all time? We’ve got you covered.

Mars Needs Moms ($110.5 Million Shortfall)

It is a little funny that the biggest box office flop is credited to Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment. Considering their successes, most people will dismiss this. The fact that this movie had a shortfall of over a hundred million dollars shows why we can’t just put our entire trust in cutting-edge technology. 

Town and Country ($94.6 Million Shortfall)

For an earthbound farcical comedy, it is hard to justify a whopping $105 million budget. After several pre-productions, production, and post-production hitches, it was released to an almost uninterested audience. It was actually ignored by audiences and buried by critics.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash ($92.9 Million Shortfall)

The name “Eddie Murphy” is not often associated with failure, but the talented comedian has had his fair share of hits and misses. This attempt at outer-space comedy failed woefully, even after using up a huge budget of $100 million.

The Promise ($79.4 Million Shortfall)

Set against the backdrop of the Armenian genocide, this big-budget indie movie had a lot of promises. A $90 million investment was consumed in every aspect of making the film. Disappointedly, this movie failed to find a US distributor, and that contributed significantly to the box office failure and huge shortfall. 

Cutthroat Island ($73.5 Million Shortfall)

The buzz surrounding this movie was so bad, and the price tag was so high that there was doubt about the possibility of box office success before it was released. In fact, the film company behind it filed for bankruptcy before it opened up in theaters. All the negative energies contributed to making it a massive failure.

How Do You Know ($70.4 Million Shortfall)

How do you know that this is one of the biggest box office flops? Well, the figures don’t lie. In spite of an all-star cast, the movie generated less than $50 million. And it was made with as much as $120 million, meaning that it had a shortfall of more than $70 million.

There you have it – the biggest box office flops of all time.