6 Innovations That Came During the COVID Era

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic shook the world in many ways. Different economic activities were halted, and some economies were crippled. In a bid to contain the virus, social distancing and other safety guidelines meant that we all had to change many things about the way we live and interact.

It is difficult to predict what a post-COVID-19 world will look like. We have seen many innovations from the era, and we believe more will still emerge. Here, we will briefly discuss six innovations inspired by the pandemic:

Virtual Holidays

As countries shut their borders in response to the global pandemic, people canceled holidays and vacations. Some companies had to come up with ways to help people explore their holiday destinations from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Classes and Workshops

Online learning was already booming before the COVID-19 pandemic, but things took a whole new spin when campuses couldn’t open back after many months of waiting. Most institutions have taken their classes and workshops online.

PPE on the Go

To make it easy for people who need personal protection equipment to get them safely, Selecta came up with one of the most brilliant COVID-19 innovations. The company, which is a provider of vending solutions, released its safety stations, which are basically vending machines that supply essentials like face masks and hand sanitizers.

Live Concerts at a Distance

Many events and concerts had to be canceled when the first wave of coronavirus infection hit most cities. Live concerts are returning in the safest possible manner. Drive-in concerts have audience members who have to turn up with their cars, pack in rows, turn in to their FM radios where the concert is broadcast through a limited frequency, and applaud by beeping their car horns.

Socially Distanced Restaurant Tables

Restaurants are opening up again in many cities. To remain compliant with safety guidelines and keep their patrons safe, most of these restaurants are using socially-distanced tables. These tables are able to keep every customer at least six feet apart.

Advances in Telemedicine

Telemedicine has been around for years, but a lot of advances have been recorded during the pandemic. Doctors have to stay safe, and they are using telemedicine in a variety of ways to deliver healthcare from a distance.

There are several other wonderful innovations that were inspired by the COVID pandemic. These are just the ones we consider to be exceptionally impactful.