4 Classic Game Shows We Miss

Not every game show on television can be compared to Jeopardy! or a Wheel of Fortune, both of which appear to be permanent fixtures on television. “Come on down!” or “Is that your last answer?” aren’t the only catchphrases for every game show. 

Countless game shows have come and gone, and some of them seem to have vanished. However, we’ve compiled a list of some fantastic game shows that we miss.

1. Couch Potatoes (syndicated, 1989)

Couch Potatoes was one of the dozens of programs presented by Marc Summers in the 1980s and 1990s. It matched two teams of TV nerds against one another. Why not recreate the eighties show to quiz people about nineties television, given today’s nostalgia craze? 

2. Bumper Stumpers (USA Network, 1987–1990)

Words and phrases written in atypical license-plate spelling were called out by the contestants. For example, “OAAS” stands for “oasis.” 

3. Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (Comedy Central, 2000)

The short-lived American version of this British import combined ridiculous physical challenges with trivia was presented by Marc Curry. Contestants were randomly selected from the audience, and the grand prize was a trip; the winner had to leave right away. 

4. Trashed (MTV, 1994)

Chris Hardwick hosted MTV’s Singled Out before becoming the go-to host for 9,000 TV shows. Prior to that, he hosted Trashed, a show that was loosely similar to Remote Control in that participants’ personal belongings were destroyed if they didn’t correctly answer pop-culture questions. Unfortunately, there were only a few episodes.