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  • Are You Eating the BP Gulf Oil Spill?

    Aug 4th, 2010 – TreeHugger

    photo via avlxyz @ flickr
    since the deepwater horizon oil spill in april, everyone from chef tom colicchio to president barack obama has come out to promise that gulf coast seafood is as safe and delicious as it ever was — and to remind the rest

  • Oil Company Was Alerted of Michigan Spill

    Aug 2nd, 2010 – Wall Street Journal

    officials with the national transportation safety board announced its preliminary findings on monday from its investigation of the oil spill into the kalamazoo river near battle creek, mich. investigators stressed that their findings have not determined

  • BP seeks to end oil spill catastrophe

    Aug 2nd, 2010 – The Independent

    battered bp today hopes to launch an operation to permanently plug its gulf of mexico oil well and bring to an end the worst spill in us history.
    engineers at the group plan to begin a so-called “static kill” operation that will see a stream of mud

  • Too Much Dispersant Used in Oil Spill?

    Aug 1st, 2010 – ABC News

    the only thing keeping millions more gallons of oil out of the gulf of mexico right now is a rush job: an experimental cap that has held for more than two weeks but was never meant to be permanent. as soon as this week, crews will be pumping

  • Oil Spill Creates Hard Choices for the EU

    Aug 1st, 2010 – New York Times

    brussels – the seemingly limitless amounts of oil spewing into the gulf of mexico earlier this year left many americans feeling powerless over the colossal spill.
    to make matters worse, president barack obama had to wait – and then wait

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