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Armstrong Bid for Stage Win Falls Short

PAU, France – Lance Armstrong’s team officials have spent days dismissing his disappointing daily Tour de France stage finishes, saying he was saving his energy. On Tuesday, the seven-time champ spent much of those savings on an attempt at a 26th career Tour stage win that fell just short.
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Gulf Of Mexico

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  • The sixth alleged Mel Gibson tape: ‘monster’ and child — while his attorney …

    Jul 20th, 2010

    On the same day Mel Gibson's attorney is reportedly presenting evidence to authorities that Oksana Grigorieva fabricated her claims of violence against the actor,.

  • Free Lindsay?: Lohan ordered to jail — but for how long?

    Jul 20th, 2010

    After much ballyhoo, a judge in Beverly Hills ordered actress Lindsay Lohan to jail Tuesday morning and promised there would be no electronic monitoring or house arrest that could reduce the actress' 90-day sentence.

  • BP extends Gulf well test 24 hours – US govt

    Jul 20th, 2010

    Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:32pm EDT
    WASHINGTON July 20 (Reuters) – The top U.S. oil spill official on Tuesday gave BP Plc (BP.L) (BP.N) approval to extend a key pressure test.

  • The Roots of White Anxiety

    Jul 18th, 2010

    In March of 2000, Pat Buchanan came to speak at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. Harvard being Harvard, the audience hissed and sneered and made wisecracks.

  • Lindsay’s Jail Hell: No Smoking, Tweeting or Hair Extensions

    Jul 20th, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan is now a “fish.”
    That’s what new inmates at the women’s jail are called, and to underscore their lowly status, each is given what’s called a “fish kit,” which is a sandwich bag containing a small tube of toothpaste.

  • Lindsay Lohan arrives in handcuffs at jail and puts on a regulation orange …

    Jul 20th, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan arrived at jail this morning in handcuffs after a court appearance that lasted under 10 minutes.
    The 24-year-old star was driven into a private side entrance at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California.

  • Goldman Call Turns Testy Over Fraud Case

    Jul 20th, 2010

    David A. Viniar, the chief financial officer of Goldman Sachs, seemed satisfied on Tuesday that its clients had “pretty much” stuck by the firm in the wake of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil fraud case.

  • Senate Panel Backs Kagan Nomination

    Jul 20th, 2010

    WASHINGTON – Solicitor General Elena Kagan moved one step closer to becoming a Supreme Court justice on Tuesday when the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13 to 6, almost entirely along party lines.

  • Lindsay Lohan handcuffed, on her way to jail (Poll)

    Jul 20th, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan has surrendered herself to the court and is ready to begin her 90-day jail sentence for violating probation in a DUI case.
    A mob of photographers and reporters awaited her arrival at the Beverly Hills courthouse.

  • Mel Gibson gal pal Oksana Grigorieva accuses actor of choking her, pulling gun …

    Jul 20th, 2010

    Domestic violence accusations between Mel Gibson and baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva have reached fever pitch: A murder-suicide plot.
    The “Passion of the Christ” mega-star allegedly pulled a gun on Grigorieva during a nasty confrontation Jan.