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  • Report: Teen sells kidney to buy iPad 2

    Jun 2nd, 2011 – CNET

    sometimes we do things then look back and wonder who we were when we did them.
    this appears to be the case with a 17-year-old chinese boy who reportedly decided that he would not give his right arm for an ipad 2, but he would give his right kidney

  • Three $1000 Apps Vie for “Most Expensive iPad App”

    May 30th, 2011 – PCMag

    what’s are the most expensive ipad applications in the world? here’s a hint: they aren’t one of those bogus, “this app costs $1,000 and, in purchasing it, you get a cute little display to show off just how much money you have to blow on meaningless

  • iPad’s Effect on PC Market Appears Overblown

    May 30th, 2011 – Yahoo! News

    new york, ny–(marketwire – 05/30/11) – analysts firms are mixed regarding the effect the ipad and other tablet devices are having on the pc market. pc sales were down in the most recent quarter, leading some analysts to attribute the drop

  • Alaska Airlines issues iPads to pilots

    May 27th, 2011 – The Seattle Times

    alaska airlines said friday it will issue ipad tablet computers to its pilots to replace up to 25 pounds of paper flight manuals.
    the airline said the so-called “electronic flight bag” does not yet include navigational charts, but the company

  • How to Maximize Your iPad’s Memory

    May 24th, 2011 – MSNBC

    funny thing about computer memory — like time, there never seems to be enough of it.
    this problem is more acute on the ipad since there is no way to add more memory. you buy a 16 gb ipad, and you’ve got 16 gb. that’s it. no slipping in an sd card

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