Productive Things to do When You Can’t Sleep

There are nights when we just can’t sleep. You find yourself turning from one side of the bed to the other. It could be because you slept too long into the morning, took a nap in the afternoon, or there is something physically or mentally bothering you. Whatever is keeping you from sleep, check out the follow list of productive things you can do when you can’t sleep. 

Read a Book

Reading is the ultimate way of keeping yourself busy when you can’t sleep. Definitely read the physical book or on a kindle; you want to avoid screens that produce blue light as this messes with melatonin production and can keep you awake. A book takes away your mind from whatever that’s keeping you awake. 

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie with a deep meaning is another activity you can take on if you can’t read during a restless night. It could be a documentary or feature film. A movie will keep you entertained while you wait for sleep to kick in and take you away to dreamland. 

Write a Journal

This could be the time to reflect on your day and put it into writing. Journaling has a way of opening the mind and allowing you to connect your body to your soul. By the time you are done with journaling, you may be stressed out and compelled to sleep. 

Complete House Chores

You see those chores you were unable to complete during the day? The time you are unable to sleep might be the best time to get them done. It may be arranging house furniture or throwing away old food from the kitchen. However mundane the task is, try to accomplish things when you are not feeling sleepy.


Now is the best time to meditate. There will be no disturbance as you plunge yourself into the trance state reflecting on different areas of your life. Meditating at the quiet moments of the night does wonders for your mind and body. 

You may find that combining meditation or other restful activities are best when combined with sleep support supplements, such as those from Enviromedica, Carlson Labs, and Source Naturals. None of these products are non-habit forming and work to help ease the mind and body using natural ingredients.

Organize Something

Is there any section of your house that is not organized? This is a great time to organize things. Take the time when you can’t sleep to arrange your closet or sort and organize the books on the bookshelf. Organizing something may tire you out when and you will earn the sleep you deserve. 

There you have it! Above are some productive things you can do when you are unable to sleep. Being unable to sleep can be quite worrying. Nonetheless, there are still certain activities that you can engage in to while passing the time. With the insightful tips above, you can make the best use of these periods that you are finding it difficult to get some sleep.