Most Famous Celebrity Plastic Surgeons

In the past, plastic surgery and body enhancement procedures were frowned upon. Some celebrities were reluctant to admit that they have enhanced a certain part of their body or more. These days, it is widely accepted, which is why many plastic surgeons are becoming famous. Are you interested in knowing some of the most famous celebrity plastic surgeons? Here are the top seven:

Dr. Terry Dubrow

This is one of the richest surgeons in the world. Based in Orange County, California, the board-certified plastic surgeon delivers a variety of cosmetic procedures. He has also established himself as a television personality, appearing in such shows as ‘The Swan’ and ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’.

Dr. Leonard Hochstein

In Miami, one of the best plastic surgeons is the Russian-American expert, Leonard Hochstein. He is a specialist in breast alteration and body contouring but can also be seen performing other cosmetic adjustments.

Dr. Scott Spiro

When it comes to ‘abdominoplasty flankplasty,’ Dr. Scott Spiro is considered one of the best in the world. He is a body-work maestro who helps mothers return to their pre-pregnancy shape or even look better than that.

Dr. Maria Siemionow

One of the leading women in the field, Dr. Maria Siemionow, has earned her placed in this roundup. She broke into the limelight through her breakthrough facial transplant procedure in 2008, where 22 assisting surgeons were involved. She is known for revolutionary procedures.

Dr. Benjamin De Souza Gomes Filho

Though he prefers to stay under the radar, this Brazilian plastic surgeon is recognized for his great works on many celebrities. He is regarded as one of the very bests when it comes to ‘Breast’. His office is located in Vitoria, which is a quick flight from Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Michael Obeng

This Ghanaian-American doctor is Harvard-trained and has earned his place in the league of best plastic surgeons in the world. He is a specialist in cosmetic procedures on the neck, face, and breast.  He stars with his wife in the E! Reality TV series ‘Second Wives Club’.

There you have it! Above are some of the most famous celebrity plastic surgeons. The need to look good has caused a lot of celebrities to enhance certain body parts through plastic surgery. In doing so, they patronize some of the most experienced and certified plastic surgeons. Some plastic surgeons have become almost as famous as many of their celebrity patients. The six doctors featured here are exceptionally good in their field and also famous for the right reasons.

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