Homemade Probiotic Drinks That Are Great for Gut Health

You’ve probably heard that probiotics are great for gut health. This is not a hoax. They work too well to keep the gut healthy and improve overall health. But buying bottle after bottle of fermented tea or yogurt can be expensive, especially when you have an entire household that you hope will benefit from probiotics. There are alternatives you can make at home. Here, we will briefly describe a few homemade probiotics that can help you and your entire household stay healthier.


You can make everyone’s favorite, buttermilk, at home. It is actually super easy to make. All you need are a cup of curd, a glass of water, and a teaspoon of cumin powder. You can add ½ of a green chili if you want. Put everything in a blender and let it whirl for a while.

Orange, Ginger, and Carrot Kvass 

Kvass is traditionally made by fermenting beets, which is common in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe. Instead of beets, you will use a carrot for this particular drink. In addition to the carrot, you will need ginger, stripes of organic orange peeled with a vegetable peeler, sea salt, water, and maybe whey if you desire that.

Simple Milk Kefir 

Another simple healthy drink you can make for the entire family without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is add the kefir grains to a glass of milk, cover it up, and allow it to sit for 24 hours. You will observe that the milk will thicken as it has fermented. Strain your drink and gulp it down with your loved ones. You can reuse the kefir several times.

Lacto-Fermented Lemonade 

There is no need to ask if you love lemonade because we all do. Even if you are not too eager to make lemonade because of its sugary nature, the fermented version with its healthy dose of good bacteria is tolerable in terms of taste and health. 

Probiotic Green Juice 

Juicing greens allow you to get all the nutrients they offer in a jiffy. This particular drink is just like a green smoothie with some healthy bacteria added to the mix. All you need to do is juice celery, parsley, spinach leaves, and kale leaves. Open a probiotic capsule, from a brand like Douglas Laboratories or Pure Encapsulations into the juice, and stir well.

There you have it! Five simple probiotic drinks you can make at home and enjoy all the benefits they offer.