6 Steps You Can Take in December to Find a Job in January

Have you decided to get a new job by January? Congratulations! That is a good decision. You should know, however, that many other people have the same plan, and there will be some sort of competition to fill up the vacant job roles in most establishments. You have to be ready for it.

Getting ready for a January job search involves a lot of things. It is best for you to start very early to prepare for it. There are several things you can do in December to boost your chances, and we will break them down in six simple steps:

Do a Self-Assessment

This is the very first step to take. Make an honest assessment of yourself and understand how you can fit into any organization. A SWOT analysis is always helpful in understanding your current situation. When you understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you will be more efficient with the next steps.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

The holiday season offers you a great opportunity to be with your loved ones. Do not keep to yourself just because you are preparing for a new job. You may even learn about new opportunities while discussing with your loved ones. They can also offer valuable pieces of advice and words of encouragement.

Make a List of Organizations and Job Roles to Consider

If you don’t make a list of the organizations and the type of job roles you are interested in, you may end up in a company you don’t like and a job you don’t enjoy. Take time to make a list of what jobs to apply for and the sort of organization you prefer.

Refresh Your CV and Social Media Profiles

This is probably the most important step to take. Update your CV to reflect your new skills and work experience, as well as your recent achievements. You should also refresh your LinkedIn and other relevant social media profiles. Indeed and Monster would be good places to post your refreshed resume.

Get a Head Start on Your Cover Letter

You don’t have to wait till January to start writing your cover letter. You can start in December to experiment with some templates. This will make it easier to fix an appropriate cover letter for any job you wish to apply for in January.

Prepare Your References

You also want to get your references sorted out in December. When you do the right things in December, they will know the right things to say in your favor when the time comes in January.

There you have it! Above are some steps to take in December to find a job in January. By employing the tips above, you can set yourself up for your dream job next January.