5 Professional Greetings That Do Not Require Touching

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our way of life has been changed. One of the impacts of COVID-19 can be seen in how we greet others. Professional greetings, such as handshakes, are now a thing of the past. 

Following the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) and medical experts, to maintain social distancing and limit touching, we should try to stay 6 feet apart and avoid any other forms of contact. Germany even went so far as to suspend handshaking, and France now suggests not cheek-kissing. Nonetheless, there are still other ways to greet others.

Just Say Hello

Greetings do not necessarily have to involve contact. It is all right to verbally say “hello” to someone and take things further with questions about their wellbeing. You can ask other follow up questions to keep the conversation going.

Doff Your Hat

When next you see that person you consider greeting worthy, a tip of your hat will suffice. Doffing the hat has been an age-long tradition that has a cultural recognition of respect and gratitude. You can apply this to the current scheme of things. To do this will requires wearing your hat or cap at all times.

Wave at the Person

Apart from waving at a person across the road, you can greet a person who is nearby this way. This form of greeting is very much still in vogue, and there is nothing wrong with waving at the person that is at your front.

Make a Nod

Giving a nod is a great way of greeting a person that is at your front. However, this is a nice way of greeting if it is done nicely. You can practice how to execute a greeting nod in front of a mirror.

Do a Salute

Making a salute is traditionally a way military personnel exchanging greetings and showing respect for offices. Amid the widespread of the pandemic virus, making a salute will substitute greetings that involve touching. When doing a salute, make sure that you do in a way that is not awkward. Meaning you should not click your heels together, stand rigid, and place your hand at your head. Simply raise a finger or two to your forehead and motion it to the other person; stay relaxed and casual – you are not in a military-setting and should not behave as such.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, it is important to stay safe. All of these are great suggestions, but make sure that you don’t stop there. Cleaning the hands after touching surfaces is also important. Wash your hands and consider anti-microbial products from Argentyn 23, Terry Naturally, or Livon Labs for additional support. 

With the tips above, you can still greet your peers and colleagues in a professional manner and reduce the chances of passing something around to those around you.