5 Highest Calories Food Items Served During the Holidays

It’s an understandable statement that people lose control of their appetites during the holidays. You can’t blame them because the holidays come with many delicacies that anyone will struggle to control their intake. The foods have different ingredients that will thrill any taste bud. The hidden thing is that these foods come with other calorie counts depending on the type of food. 

If you want to maintain your body weight, you will check these calories if you don’t want to add more weight. We will look at the ones with high calories. 

Pecan Pie (503 calories per 1/8 of a standard pie)

Nuts may be healthy foods with good fats for the brain, but they have more calories than average. The calories mean that you’re more likely to get extra fat when you eat them. Another plus is that pie comes with a lot of butter loaded with sugar, corn, molasses and syrup. 

Turkey Leg (334 calories per leg)

Turkey leg may look so common when you look at it, but it’s full of nutrients and has better fat than breast meat at 212 calories. Therefore it should be a hard pass for diet conscious people. 

Sweet Potatoes (400 calories per 200g)

Sweet potatoes experience increased calories depending on the type of recipe that is used for cooking it. Recipes like butter, marshmallows and sugar only add extra calories that can tally up to 600 when cooked. 

Wine (246 Calories per two skimpy glasses)

One glass of wine is moderate and does not add more than 123 calories when you drink them. The problem only begins when you start taking more glasses of wine. Yes, wine may seem harmless and easy to take, but the number of calories they rack up for you is insane. 

Potato Pancakes (250 calories per serving) 

Potato pancakes are yummy food to eat when on holidays, especially when they are deep-fried well. The unfortunate truth is that behind that sweet taste is a tendency to get more fat whenever you take more of it. Even when you take care to limit yourself to one serving, that’s more than enough to jack that fat up in your body. 

You have the right to enjoy your holiday feast. It’s the season after all, but you need to take care of the amount of fat in what you eat. Trying NuMedica and BrainMD supplements may be a good idea as well.

Feasting is good, but eating healthy is better.