5 Diets and Nutrition Trends to Know In 2020

Over the years, human nutrition has changed for the better. While there have been lots of unhealthy foods introduced in different parts of the world, food scientists, and nutrition experts have been trying to get people to eat right and live better. It is in the nature of humans to try new things, and we feel you will be interested in the diets and nutrition trends in 2020. Here are 5 of the top trends we feel you should try. 


For a while now, probiotics have been promoted across different platforms. Well, we are glad to inform you that prebiotics are taking over. What is the difference between the two? Simple! Probiotics are healthy bacteria living in the gut, and prebiotics are food (fuel) that promotes the growth of these healthy microbiomes in the gut. 

Veggie-Packed Products 

It is a good thing that most people are beginning to realize how wonderful vegetables are. It is also a good thing to know that vegetables are becoming the major ingredients in some of the things we love most. We have seen a tomato sauce with over ten different vegetables and ketchup that is packed with veggies instead of sugar. 

Vegetables are a great source of nutrients, but when you aren’t getting enough, you may want to fill nutritional gaps with supplements. Enzymedica, Biopharma, and Allergy Research Group are brands that provide vitamins, minerals, and herbs in a variety of forms to help support your wellness goals. You will also find weight management support! So stock up for the spring and support your goals.

Puffed Snacks 

Your typical potato chip will no longer be the norm for snacking. Extruded puffs from vegetable sources are taking over, and you need to get on board. Peanut puffs, chickpea puffs, veggie puffs, and honey puffs are a few of the snack items you will find that are derived from vegetables and replace normally unhealthy simple carbs, sugars, and fats with protein, fiber, and essential nutrients.

Low-Carb Coatings, Crumbs, and Croutons 

What do you think about cauliflower for a pizza crust or coating your vegan chicken nuggets? Well, it is happening. More people are looking to alternatives for their not just their breadings, croutons, and crumbs, but also their meat. Animal products derived from soy and peas are growing in popularity and may eventually replace the animal agriculture business.

Protein-Packed Coffee 

The body needs protein. It is a good source of fuel and helps to build new muscle. So it is good to see protein showing up in the most unexpected places. One of the most remarkable trends involving protein is Stok protein cold brew coffee. It helps you to get started the morning on a healthy note. 

There you have it! Above are some diet and nutrition trends to know in 2020. There is a lot more trends to consider that we didn’t cover hear. If you are interested in living differently, check out how Scandinavian’s live. Having adequate knowledge about the latest diet and nutrition trends will help you stay ahead of your healthy diet regimen. The above trends will help you continue eating healthy this year.