3 Ways to Use Yoga to Improve Posture

Slouching is never good for the body. There is a reason for this. Improving posture is necessary to improve our spine, mood, manage stress, and build self-esteem. An amazing way to improve your posture is by performing yoga. You can even add it to your self-management strategy checklist!

Yoga poses help to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body so your posture remains solid throughout your day or at the gym. Let’s check out the possible yoga poses that can help you to improve your posture. 

Cow Face Pose

The cow face pose is an amazing way to stretch while you are at home or the office. Sit on a floor. Raise your right arm upward and bend the elbow to reach your back. Wrap the left arm behind your back and lift your fingers until the touch the right fingers at the back.

Move the two arms close to each until they touch ordinary hold one another. Draw the elbows back and lift the chest. Breathe and hold it for 5 minutes. Switch sides by lifting the left arm overhead and wrapping the right arm around the back. 

Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog is a yoga posture necessary to strengthen the core, shoulders, back, chest, hamstrings, and arms. To practice this yoga style, form a plank pose. Move your hips up and back while your chest is pressed towards your chest. 

Make sure your heels are hip-width apart reaching down towards the mat. Fingers are spread wide overhead with weight spread evenly on them. Relax your neck, head, and move your shoulders away from your ears focusing your gaze towards your toes. Make up to five breathe ups in this position. 

Bow Pose

The bow pose keeps the chest and back in good shape. Laying on your belly on a mat, keep your forehead or chin on the mat while you bring your palms to face down by your sides. Bend the knees and bring the feet towards your back. Reach back with your arms to grab your ankles. 

While holding your breath, kick your ankles into your hands. Move your shoulders away from your ears, lift your chest and thighs simultaneously off the mat. When you release back to the earth, relax before going back to bow pose position. 

There you have it! Above are some ways to use yoga to improve your posture. Yoga poses such as the cow face pose, downward facing dog, and bow pose have helped a lot of individuals improve their posture and correct mild spine deformities. For added support consider adding supplements from Douglas Laboratories or Enzymedica to help with joint comfort when your choose products made with herbs and other ingredients that specifically target joints and muscles. Along with these, If you need to improve your posture or straighten your spine, you should consider performing these yoga postures.