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  • Factbox: Liabilities BP faces from Gulf oil spill

    Aug 10th, 2010 – MSNBC

    washington – now that bp plc’s ruptured oil well has been cut off with concrete, the focus will turn to restoring the u.s. gulf coast and the mountain of legal issues the company will face. here are some of the liabilities bp may face.
    * the justice

  • Sealing Of Gulf Oil Well Underway

    Aug 5th, 2010 – redOrbit

    bp has received the all-clear to begin pumping cement into the damaged gulf of mexico oil well that has been leaking crude into the region’s waters for more than 100 days, according to various media reports published on tuesday.
    according to the afp

  • Federal Report on Oil’s Fate in Gulf Raises Eyebrows

    Aug 5th, 2010 – New York Times

    scientists are raising concerns about a new federal report that says most of the oil from the gulf of mexico spill has been dispersed or contained.
    the report (pdf) released yesterday attempts to clear up a mystery surrounding the fate

  • BP begins cementing Gulf oil well

    Aug 5th, 2010 – CNN

    new orleans, louisiana (cnn) — bp began pouring cement into its undersea well in the gulf of mexico at 9:15 a.m. as part of the “static kill” procedure to permanently seal it, the company said thursday.
    retired coast guard adm. thad allen

  • The Gulf oil spill’s cost comes into focus

    Aug 4th, 2010 – USA Today

    new orleans – long after the cleanup crews and bp paychecks are gone, gulf coast fishermen will be dealing with dead oysters and a perception problem.
    salt marshes will struggle to regrow grasses raked by oil and digest stray pools of crude

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