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  • BP Begins Test on Leaking Well in Gulf of Mexico

    Jul 15th, 2010 – BusinessWeek

    july 15 (bloomberg) — bp plc began a pressure test to determine if it can safely seal its leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico.
    the test will last from six hours to as many as 48 hours, bp said in an e-mailed statement today.
    “the sealing-cap

  • Tension high as BP tests new well cap in Gulf of Mexico

    Jul 15th, 2010 – Dallasnews

    new orleans – bp engineers took the first steps toward choking off the gulf oil well wednesday night in a white-knuckle “integrity test” that could put a permanent stop to the flow of the gusher – or make the situation worse.
    federal officials

  • Gulf of Mexico oil clean-up by the numbers

    Jul 13th, 2010 – The Independent

    below are the most recent figures on the gulf of mexico oil clean-up, provided by the us joint information center and bp as they address the worst environmental disaster in us history.
    some 553 miles of gulf shoreline has been contaminated by oil

  • BP prepares key test on Gulf of Mexico oil well

    Jul 13th, 2010 – BBC NEWS

    bp will do a key test on its leaking gulf of mexico well to see if the flow of oil can be shut off.
    the test will start on tuesday morning and is expected to last between six and 48 hours, according to bp executive kent wells.
    if the pressure

  • BP aims to fix leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well by 27 July

    Jul 8th, 2010 –

    bp is working to fix the leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico by 27 july, weeks before its publicly stated deadline.
    the company is due to report second-quarter results that day. it hopes to provide more information on its liabilities from the oil

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