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  • Ground zero mosque flap: how Obama and Democrats can recover

    Aug 17th, 2010 – The Christian Science Monitor

    with these other issues,” says a democratic consultant based in washington.
    “on some level, i was very proud of him for weighing in” on the controversy over the privately owned islamic center planned near ground zero in manhattan, the consultant adds

  • The Ground Zero Debate: Exaggerating the Jihadist Threat

    Aug 17th, 2010 – TIME

    should muslims be allowed to build a mosque at ground zero? merely posing the question is an act of deliberate distortion. as its defenders point out, the community center at park51 will occupy not a solitary inch of the 16-block site

  • Ground Zero Mosque Debate Becomes a Campaign Issue

    Aug 16th, 2010 – CBS News

    president obama’s comments on friday night about the so-called ground zero mosque has reignited intense controversy surrounding the project, with republicans now promising to make it a campaign issue in this fall’s midterm elections

  • Hamas: Ground zero mosque must be built

    Aug 16th, 2010 – MSNBC

    a hamas leader says muslims “have to build” a mosque near ground zero.
    mahmoud al-zahar said muslims “have to build everywhere” so that followers can pray, just like christians and jews build their places of worship.
    al-zahar spoke sunday on “aaron

  • Obama supports ‘the right’ for ground zero mosque

    Aug 14th, 2010 – MSNBC

    panama city beach, fla. (ap) – weighing his words carefully on a fiery political issue, president barack obama said saturday that muslims have the right to build a mosque near new york’s ground zero, but he did not say whether he believes

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