How Many Company Dashboards Are Too Many?

Companies these days take a data-driven approach to doing business. To organize this data into an easily understandable and integrated solution makes dashboards essential. The essence of a dashboard is to accumulate and segregate data in real-time so that information can be more easily shared and good decisions made daily.

Besides knowing the purpose of a company dashboard, another question to consider is how many company dashboards are too many. People spend so much time pondering this question. Below we have listed the factors that influence the number of suitable company dashboards.

The Number of Metrics Needed

The essence of a company dashboard is to be able to gain real-time access to vital metrics. The number of company dashboards that you choose to use leans heavily on this factor. How many metrics do you need to access? How soon do you need to read them? 

The rule of thumb here is that the higher the metrics that are needed to be accessed and integrated into the business, the higher the number of company dashboards you need. You should consider this factor to avoid having more company dashboards than needed.

Easy Access to Data

The more company dashboard you have, the less easy it is to access the data. A dashboard gathers all data into a single interface. It minimizes the amount of time needed to compile reports. Depending on the amount of data needed, too many can impede the dashboard benefits.

Performance Rate

A dashboard is used to gather every metric into a single interface, which, in turn, boosts performance. Business dashboards highlight the grey areas, giving you a head start to tackle them head on. Too many dashboards can hinder users from identifying the trouble areas and taking the necessary action.

There you have it! The above are some of the factors that determine the number of suitable company dashboards. Business dashboards are essential to put a company on a growth trajectory, and they may even help you to create and run your crisis management plan

The number of company dashboards you have depends on several needs. The factors discussed above are what you should consider when you want to install a company dashboard to enhance efficiency and productivity.