7 Tips for Taking Better Meeting Notes

Taking meeting notes is important to be able to recall important details. It is a task that requires a special skill, and it is highly underrated. Whether it’s an interview or a board meeting, there are steps required to be able to take better meeting notes. Below are tips for taking better meeting notes

Write Notes During the Meeting

Don’t wait to take notes until after the meeting is over. Meeting notes require that you capture every detail. Paying attention and jotting everything down is the best way of achieving accurate details that you can reflect on later.

Record Attendance 

On top of the note, write down the names of the attendants. You want to know those who honored the meeting invitation. This is necessary as it will give you an idea of the people who are there and who you can reference later or get into contact with if you have questions.

Don’t Capture Every Word

It is not a must to capture every word uttered at the meeting. Work to keep sentences short and note important moments. When you look back at your notes, you should be able to recall the information that is necessary for you. Similarly, discussions that take place during the meeting that are outside of your department or don’t directly relate to you may not be as important.

Take Notes Before the Meeting

This method is highly effective at helping to become better at taking meeting notes when it starts. Start by identifying the objective of the meeting and other vital moments.

Use a Standard Template 

Taking meeting notes using a template saves you time. If the meeting is held regularly, the attendees will get used to it and better at reading the notes. 

Use a Notepad

It is better to use a bound notepad to keep your notes together. Notepads are portable and easy to use at any moment. It makes writing easy, and it does not require a desk to do it.


Finish your meeting notes by summarizing every important detail of the meeting. This can be lengthy, depending on what happened during the meeting. 

There you have it! Above are some tips for taking better meeting notes. After a meeting, you need to be able to recall the important details discussed earlier. This requires taking down notes properly during the meeting. The insightful tips provided above can help you take better meeting notes.

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