Tools You Need if You Own a Lot of Land

aerial view of green grass field

Owning a lot of lands could be a blessing and a curse, this is partly because you would have a lot of work to do managing and tending to your land. You would also need a lot of tools, from wood chippers such as PTO wood chipper to possibly chainsaws, shovels… etcetera. 

You might not know the tools to get all the tools you would need to tend to your land That is why we’re going to give you some suggestions!

Tending to a lot of land is no small task, different regions and terrain need different tools. However, we have our list of tools you need when you have a lot of land, they include:

Wood Chipper

If you have a lot of land get in a wood chipper such as the PTO wood chipper is very important, especially if you have trees on your land which you most likely will have if your land is quite big. Wood chippers would help you handle falling trees and logs better and more efficiently than manually chopping the logs to use them for whatever. In your decision to get a wood chipper you would have to consider getting in the truck that would pack the logs chipped by the wood chipper. 

We advise that you get a durable wood chipper Because you would have to use it for a lot of years possibly decades. Having a lot of land with a lot of trees I’m not having a wood chipper would make tending to your land extremely difficult

Pressure Washer

If you have a lot of land then you are going to have a lot of tools, and what better to wash your tools with than a pressure washer. It will save you a lot of time when you want to wash various tools, equipment, and vehicles. It would help you get chunks of dirt off of your tools and vehicles easily, you might not need to use soap when you have a pressure washer. Try to get a high pressured washer that is very durable. 

Pressure washers require a lot of water To work well, so your property should have are almost limitless supply of water when you want to use pressure washers

Extension Ladder

This is also an important tool you need if you have a lot of land, you might need to climb trees or different parts of your properties that are high above the ground and an extension ladder would be very useful to achieve this. Just be sure to get safety harnesses when you want to use an extension ladder.


This is a general tool that comes in handy in a variety of circumstances. Shovels vary in terms of overall use and niche uses, so do some research and choose based on what your needs are.


If you have it off trees on your property then you definitely need a chainsaw, or chainsaws this is what you would use to cut trees and logs.

The tools we have enumerated above are not exhaustive, depending on your peculiar need and terrain of your land you could need more tools or fewer tools but you’re going to need at least one of the tools we have discussed above.