The Coolest Fake Jobs That Exist Only In Movies

People in the movies live the most fantastic lives. Most of them look exceptionally good, have lots of money, and do the coolest jobs on the planet (or do we say movie world). We all know that it is all fiction and acting. But then, how cool can it be to have some of the coolest jobs we see in movies?

Oops! Some of these jobs aren’t even real. Yes, there are so many cool jobs in movies that do not exist anywhere in real life. Here are some notable examples:

Starfighters and Recruiters

How cool does it sound to be recruited into an elite league of fighters that save the planet from invaders? Starfighters shuttle through the galaxy in the sort of aircraft that we can only dream of. They also have extraordinary weapons. The only problem is that the job is fake. There are no starfighters, and there are certainly no starfighter recruiters.


The existence of ghosts is still considered a controversial topic. In movies, we see ghosts too often, and there are guys who specialize in finding and fighting them. Ghostbusters are as fake as the ghosts they purportedly fight.

Post-Apocalyptic Game Show Host

We are yet to witness an apocalypse, so there is no way this interesting job can be real.

Vampire Slayers

In many vampire movies, there are special hunters who are skilled in killing these ungodly humans. The job is an interestingly tasking one, except that it is fake in real-life. There are no vampires, so there are definitely no vampire slayers.

Modified Government Assassins

Think of Jason Bourne and the mystery surrounding his identity. The movie people have worked so hard to convince most of us that there are specially trained and modified assassins who work for dark government agencies. At least, not in the way they are portrayed.

Gifted –Children Trainers

Many blockbuster movies tell the story of gifted children and their abilities to come to terms with their powers. There are often wise and rich gentlemen who understand these gifted ones and take them under their care. The truth is, there are no such schools for gifted children and certainly no special teacher/mentor for magical children.

Movies have ways of making us feel like having what the actors have – including their jobs. These are just a few of the many fake jobs moviemakers create to appeal to their audiences. If you’re not interested in things that are fake, check out some movies based on something real, like real events.