Style Rules for Women Who Want To Look Good At Work

While the title of the post says rules, we are not really telling you what you must do. These are just friendly suggestions that will help the modern to look good at work. Some industries and companies may be more or less conservative. Certainly, a few are still a boy’s club and the expectation will be that you must wear male-approached clothing.

Not matter your current work situation, there are plenty of ways to still feel in control, look like a professional, and be comfortable at the same time.

Wear What Is Appropriate For Your Industry 

This is the first and most important rule. Don’t be a rebel when it comes to industry appropriate outfits. Wear the right things always. 

Wear Clothes That Fit 

It is important that you choose your clothes carefully. Don’t wear anything that is too big or too small. When it fits, you will always look great. 

Wear Glasses That Fit Your Face 

The primary purpose of your glasses may be to help you see well and do your job better but they are considered fashion accessories too. Make sure that you choose glasses that fit your face shape. 

Pay Attention to Your Hair 

Unkempt hair doesn’t belong in the workplace. Always make sure that your hair is well-maintained and looking pretty whenever you are going to the office. Weekends are for letting your hair down.  

Take Care of Your Arms and Legs 

It is also important that you take care of your hands and legs. If you are wear skirts or short-sleeves, it may be best to cover them up. The same rule would go for men with hairy arms or legs; the same rule goes for men that it is probably always best to wear long sleeves and pants, then roll up the sleeves when you head head home for the day.

Wear Quality and Well-Polished Shoes 

Your shoes speaks so much about your fashion-sense and style. Make sure you buy quality shoes and maintain them appropriately. 

Pay Attention to Your Bag 

Your bag is another important accessory that will make you stand out. Invest in quality handbags and make sure they are always in great condition. 

Don’t Overdo the Accessories 

It is important that you don’t wear more accessories than necessary. A few pieces of jewelry is enough to show your style when going to work; avoid anything overly showy or expenses. Heirlooms, items you find at a thrift store, beads, or items with some cultural significance can be a good conversation starter and won’t be as intimidating to people as diamonds or gold.

Don’t Wear Strong Perfume 

You should also ensure that your perfumes for the office are not too strong as it can turn people off. If you do wear perfume, keep it to a single spritz on your forearms or at the base of your neck.
There you have it! Above are some useful tips and style rules to help you look good at work. In case you will like to look your best whenever you are at your workplace, ensure that you follow the above rules.