Seven Car Companies That No Longer Exist

Several car brands have stood the test of time; however, the same is not applicable for others due to financial struggle, acquisition, and bankruptcy. Read on to find out some car companies that have faded off the market.


The automotive guru; Chrysler created this brand in 1928. Plymouth was launched as inexpensive car models to the expensive ones. Nevertheless, the brand halted its production in 2001, thereby transferring its designs to other models like Chrysler and Dodge.


Pontiac was widely known in the American car industry and owned by General Motors. Launched in 1926, the company is famous for its Solstice cars, Grand Prix, Firebird, and so much more. They shut down operation in 2010 due to economic recession.


Saab was launched in 1945 and had numerous owners during this period. General Motors acquired the car brand in 2002, which tried to rejig the brand to no avail. Afterwards, the company was licensed to a Chinese brand due to bankruptcy, but this company opted to launch a car model with a different name.


Ford Motor Company Owner – Edsel Ford launched the Mercury brand in 1938 to attract low-end users. The brand manufactured several notable cars like the Capri hatchback, the Sable, and the Mercury Cougar. Nevertheless, the company was shut down in 2010 due to inadequate revenue.


Oldsmobile started manufacturing cars in 1897, making it one of the world’s oldest automobile brands. General Motors took over the ownership of the brand in 1908 but closed its operation in 2004.


This car brand was first launched in 1992 after its parent company AM General started producing a mass-market model of the Humvee. Hummer reached its peak and garnered support from celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger. General Motors took over the company in 1999 but later shut down operations in 2009.


American Suzuki shut down in 2013 due to bankruptcy. Nevertheless, its parent company is still operating in Japan.

This post has highlighted seven car companies that don’t have a base in the marketplace. Perhaps changes in management practices could have saved some of them. You can use this information for research or personal use.