Perfume Alternatives: Why Essential Oils Fragrances are Best

benefits for the mind and body. Essential oils, such as argan, coconut, olive, almond, and others, are suitable for making fragrances. Below are some reasons why essential oils make the best perfume alternatives.

Treatment of Health Conditions

Essential oils can be used in the treatment of health conditions such as nausea, burns, skin irritation, breathing difficulties, and anxiety. As they can be inhaled, they are generally suitable for the treatment of breathing difficulties. When making a perfume, you should consider essential oils over synthetic fragrances because of their potential health benefits.

They Are Safer

Synthetic oils can be unhealthy for the skin if they pass into the bloodstream. Some synthetic oils may lead to skin irritations, and this can be uncomfortable. Essential oils are generally considered safe when used with a carrier oil. Just a few drops in one ounce of carrier oil is all you need! If you do experience any skin dryness or irritation, try switching carrier oils or using a different essential oil. Decreasing the amount of oil you use to start off may also be useful.

Smells Nice

Essential oils always have a pleasant smell that complements your outfit. The nice smell, when inhaled, has therapeutic abilities that can help with breathing, clarity, stress, and much more. It has often been used in perfumes because of this quality. You may consider buying perfume with essential oil fragrances because of the good smell. However, only essential oils are made from the extracts of plants. Quality essential oils do not use fillers or synthetic fragrances.

It Lasts

Synthetic fragrances do not always last. The top note hits and is gone in a matter of minutes. Then you have the other scents that may be less pleasant. Essential oils won’t last forever, either, but because they are pure, you won’t be losing the pleasantness of the plant essence of your choice.


Synthetic fragrances are made using complex methods. These processes can be costly and are reflected in the price of the perfume. Essential oils are made using either a cold-press method or steam distillation, meaning they are cost-effective. This cheap and non-complex procedure ensures that the perfume is affordable.

There you have it! These are the reasons why essential oils make better alternatives to perfumes. You can find quality and aromatic essential oils from Aubrey Organics, Plant Therapy, or Herb Pharm. The next time you are caught at the crossroads of choosing a perfume or essential oils, go for the latter because of its potential benefits listed above. 

Whether you are trying to avoid perfume or fragrances with chemicals or you want to experiment with new products, you can always try essential oils. Plus, they are great for a pamper night! At the end of the day, you will enjoy the true value of your money.