Our Pick For Best Documentaries You Probably Haven’t Watched

Documentaries rank among the most under appreciated genres of film. This is understandable as most people watch movies for entertainment. If you are among the few who watch to learn life lessons, documentaries can be hidden gems that the mass market regrettably ignore. 

The challenges faced by most documentary watchers is that there seems to be very few documentaries out there. This is not necessarily true as it is simply a case of the available documentaries not being publicized or marketed like normal movies. 

Looking for a great documentary? If you already saw our article on our favorite medical shows, then you should check out our list for the best ones you probably haven’t watched. 


This documentary is all about chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It doesn’t really matter if you know anything about this health issue, watching this documentary will enlighten you a great deal. 

The Fear Of 13 

This is one of the most disturbing but captivating documentaries you will ever watch. Considering that only one person is featured in the movie, it is surprising that it manages to achieve most of the goals the makers must have set out to achieve. It is best for individuals who love true crime and prison documentaries. 

Omo Child 

Can you imagine murdering your own child for anything? Well, a tribe in Africa, the Kara people, murdered their children for centuries to avert an omen. Someone is trying so hard to stop this tradition and this documentary shines a light on him. 

Dirty Pictures 

There are several documentaries and movies about drugs and their effects on the society but we still know very little about who studies and invents these drugs. Why the hell will someone invent some drugs that are addictive in a crazy way? There is no need to write much about this documentary. Watching it will make you see things from a whole new perspective. 

Trouble the Water 

It has been some decades since New Orleans witnessed Hurricane Katrina. There has been several movies about the disaster but few have managed to take viewers to the real events as witnessed by real victims. Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her husband Scott decided not to leave their home when the warning to evacuate was sent out. You will see real footage from their camera here. 

There you have it! Above is a careful selection of the best documentary movies. If you are enthusiastic about discovering or learning something new, you can check out any of these documentaries.