Five Reality TV Challenge Shows

Reality TV challenge shows are popular programs on TV; also, the producers don’t face many challenges launching these shows due to their quick turnaround, lack of staff, and low production costs. This post provided a list of reality TV challenge shows that have taken center stage in the industry.


Survivor has been produced in different countries and showcases a group of contestants kept in an isolated area. Also, these individuals must provide shelter, fire, water, and food for themselves. The contestants compete to win challenges and rewards. Votes decide the competition until they are left with a single contestant to win the grand prize and tagged as the “Sole Survivor.”

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is termed as an adventure-packed show which showcases racing competition between two teams. Each team is tasked to perform mental and physical challenges, interact with locals, navigate unfamiliar terrains, and deduce clues. The teams travel via different means like boats, buses, cars, taxicabs, bicycles, trucks, helicopters, and airplanes to reach a milestone. Any team that arrives late to their destination will be eliminated while the first team will get the grand prize.

Big Brother

Big Brother is an American TV challenge show adapted from the original Dutch challenge show. The show is based on the layout of the previous shows in which the contestants come together to live in the same building disconnected from the outside world. Votes are used to eliminate the contestants, while the last contestant remaining in the house goes home with the cash prize worth thousands of dollars.

Hell’s Kitchen

This American reality competition TV series was premiered in 2005 and hosted by Gordon Ramsay. The show features two teams of chefs competing for the position of head chef in a restaurant. After that, the team is narrowed down to 12 and a single individual.


Face Off is featured on the Syfy cable network and showcases a team of prosthetic makeup artists competing against one another to design prostheses similar to those found in horror films and science fiction.

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This post has provided everything about reality TV challenge shows. If you love watching reality TV challenge shows, then you should consider watching any of the shows mentioned above. A fantastic experience awaits you as you watch.