Biggest Kickstarter Projects That Went Bust

It is always exciting to see a big project kickstart and succeed. Even if it takes several attempts to get things right, the fulfillment that comes with successful projects is always worth the problems and challenges that tried to stop them.

While there are many projects that started big and became big successes, there are some that failed. The funny part is that some of these failed projects started so big that everyone believed that they would succeed. Here are some of the biggest Kickstarter projects that went bust:

I’ve Got Something in My Shoes

Have you ever thought about how an e-paper based watch can change the wearable market? Well, Pebble founder, Eric Migicovsky, believed that he had found the perfect elixir and was hoping to cash in so big. At the end of the day, even three Kickstarter campaigns couldn’t save Pebble.

Holo Cow, Batman!

Holo 3D display idea was obviously conceived by the founder to be the perfect 3D holographic display technology. There was a common belief that the image would appear in 3D as a holograph and wow everyone. This never materialized, and the 2015 Kickstarter campaign failed massively.

Dump The Ice, Party’s Over

It is important to state that this Kickstarter product is shipping on Amazon. But does that make it a success? Hell no! Actually, it is considered by some as one of the biggest failures in the history of Kickstarter. Even though some backers got what they wanted, this is still considered a massive failure for many reasons.

Fly Me to the Moon

How would you appreciate having an autonomous, intelligent, swarming, nano drone? Well, some people thought that they’ve got it and can get lots of benefits from it in September 2016. They were greatly disappointed, and we can’t even tell the full story here. 

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Central Standard Timing promised to give us the thinnest watch in the world. They had a great plan and started in the most promising way. Unfortunately, the manufacturing process of the watch was a lot more complicated than the company bargained for. It failed, at last. 

There you have it! Above are some of the biggest Kickstarter projects that went bust. There are several big Kickstarter that failed miserably, including deal me out. We’ve only summarized the most important ones and hope you’ve learned a thing or two here.