7 Business Lessons From Movies

For business success, we have to keep learning every day. While the average person relies on traditional teaching and learning environments, some people learn skills from real-world and fictional situations like movies. 

Yes, even movies! Many filmmakers have tackled the world of business in dramatic and exciting ways. While made for entertainment and not always accurate to how the world works, astute viewers may find lessons that are useful to their daily lives. Learning business lessons from movies may sound far-fetched, but it is some people’s reality. Here are a few business lessons you can learn from movies.

Small and Simple Ideas Can Have Big Business Potential 

The Social Network” is a movie about Facebook. Here you can learn that a very simple idea has the potential to create an entirely new market that has mass appeal. But also with success comes conflict from those within and outside of your creation. This is why you need an adequate crisis management plan.

Quality of Service Matters More Than Number Of Clients You Manage 

In “Jerry Mcguire,” it is clear that the man with a few ideal clients is better than the one chasing all the leads and providing poor services. Do your best for your few clients and retain them. 

Well, In My Book, You Either Do It Right Or You Are Eliminated.

In “Wall Street,” Gordon Gekko was very clear on how to start a business: You either give your 100%, or you don’t do it at all. 

Greed Is Good 

In another lesson from “Wall Street.” Knowing that greed is good allows you to approach different areas of your life in new ways. However, be mindful that excessive greed can destroy you and know how to identify when you need to give something up.

Focus On Training 

In “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort was always serious about building a high-performance team. Surrounding yourself when the right people is the best way to drive your success. 

Establish a Need 

For Jordan Belfort in “Wall Street,” the best way to sell is to frame things around your customer’s needs and issues. You will always sell it when you do it right. 

If You Give People a Good Enough Reason “Why” They Will Always Figure Out A “How”

“Wolf of Wall Street” is all about Jordan Belfort, and there is always something to learn from the super salesman. For him, the best way to sell is to give customers as many reasons as possible to buy. He also uses this trick to train and inspire those who work for him.

There you have it! Above are some lessons that you can learn from movies. Today, there are a lot of movies out there for our entertainment. In addition to the entertainment and relaxation they offer, people working in the world of business can learn a few things from these movies.