6 Wildest Easter Traditions around the World

Around the world, people celebrate Easter in different exciting ways. There are Easter traditions that can best be described as wild. In fact, there are several such traditions that we will discuss right here.

The Butter Lamb in Russia

There is an ancient Russian Easter tradition that has survived till today. The Easter meal must be accompanied by a knob of butter made into the shape of a lamb. This has some religious undertone and is believed to bring good luck.

The Biggest Easter Omelette in France

Imagine cracking as many as 4,500 eggs just to make an omelet! That is exactly what the residents of Haux in France do every Easter Monday. This results in the world’s biggest Easter omelet, which serves over a thousand people.

Whip-Cracking in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

This is probably the craziest Easter tradition in Europe. Local men and boys in many cities in the Czech Republic and parts of Slovakia roam the street on Easter Monday, looking for girls to whip. The whipping is not intended to be painful, so they do it ‘lightly.’ The essence, according to the tradition, is to encourage health and beauty. How about that?

The Easter Bilby in Australia

Australians care about their wildlife so much, and confectionaries use the Easter holiday as an opportunity to create awareness about the dwindling population of Bilby. To do this, they make chocolates in the shape of the little creature.

The Witches of Easter in Finland

If you are in Finland during the Easter holiday, you may assume that the children mistake the holiday for Halloween. They dress up as witches and wander the streets with decorated broomsticks in the hunt for treats. This has nothing to do with Halloween – rather, it is a longstanding Easter tradition.

Crucifixion and Flagellation in the Philippines

When it comes to interpreting the real story of Easter, Philippinos do it better than others. The devout Catholics take to self-crucifixion and self-flagellation as a way of cleansing themselves of the sins of the world.

There are several other wild Easter traditions around the world. We just believe these are some of the most interesting ones. Do you agree?