6 TV Characters We Can Relate To

We normally turn to movies for entertainment. In some instances, we want to escape from our realities and enmesh in the situations of the characters we are watching. It is the same as workplace comedies and situations that we all know.

Depending on the way the story is told and the effort of the actors to interpret the roles, there are characters we can’t just get off our minds. Here are six television characters we can easily relate to in our everyday lives. 

Amber Holt, Parenthood 

To be frank, Amber has been one of the most realistic teenage characters on TV. From her questionable choices of men to her poor fashion sense, she is the kind of teenager most of us will like to slap some sense into in her earlier days. 

Liz Lemon, 30 Rock 

Who can’t relate to Liz? She was the one to go to when there is a need to solve the problem. She is most probably the only one that can hold everything together in a group, but her personal life is always in shambles. Most of us felt her pains and still feel it to date. 

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm 

Larry was not a great person, and the creator and writers of the story didn’t want to pretend about it. We can all relate to his dark sides and the tough decisions he has to make sometimes. He is as selfish and clueless as most of us can get, and so he is not our real enemy. 

Elaine Benes, Seinfeld 

This is one of the characters on TV that embodies the best and worst of human nature. While she is mostly honest and will want to help, she can’t help it with her dark desires to mock people. Her subway ride is a real example of how we are all a little bit of her most days. 

Hannah Horvath, Girls 

If you are looking for a character that truly embodies this generation, Hannah is a great candidate. Some of us feel we are the best friend anywhere could ever have. We assume most times too that our problems are the only ones that matter: that is just so Hannah 

Jan Brady, The Brady Bunch 

How often do some of us feel marginalized by or family? Sometimes, we have to do something so crazy, like making up a fake boyfriend. Well, that is so Jan Brady.