6 Sitcoms with Great “Meetup Spots”

The best sitcoms are those in which we can easily relate to their characters. Though the scenes are mostly created for entertainment purposes, they also address some important issues. These important issues are best discussed by the characters in the perfect meetup spot.

If you are a good follower of sitcoms, you will know that the meetup spots are always there—the right place for the characters to gather to see each other, joke about their mishaps, and whine about their problems. Here, we will briefly discuss six sitcoms with such great meetup spots.

Friends (1994 – 2004) – Central Perk

Friends was a spectacular series with so many interesting characters who we can relate with. It also had a few meetup spots, but Central Perk was the standout one. This Greenwich Village Spot was the spot that made everyone livelier, even as it highlighted Rachel’s horrible waitressing skills.

That ‘70s Show (1998 – 2006) – Forman’s Basement

Among the many places where they can enjoy their lives, Eric Forman’s Basement was the ultimate meetup spot for the pot-smoking friends in That ’70s Show. The Wisconsin teenagers were always at peace with their lives when they got together to do their thing in this basement, and most viewers can easily relate.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 – 1996) – The Peacock Stop

For a sitcom that introduced Will Smith to Hollywood, there was always going to be that place that most viewers can’t forget in a hurry. Undoubtedly, it was The Peacock Shop. This was the spot a young Ashley once kicked off her musical career.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 – Present) Paddy’s Pub

No matter how depressing Paddy’s Pub may be, it is still a great meetup spot for the characters of this sitcom. Irrespective of how mad everyone can get, this is the place that gives Charlie the needed space for self-reflection.

The Big Band Theory (2007 – Present) – Apartment 4A

In their nerdy awkwardness, there are not so many places the major casts of this show can have good laughs beside Apartment 4A.

Seinfeld (1989 – 1998) – Monk’s Café

Seinfeld was an incredible program with interesting casts. Our favorite characters, including Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George, loved Monk’s Café. We don’t know much about others, but we believe Elaine was always interested in being served by big-breasted waitresses.

There you have it! Above are some sitcoms with great meetup spots. Being able to relate to their characters easily makes these sitcoms unique. If you are yet to watch them, you should consider doing so.