6 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts People Have Received

Giving and receiving gifts has always been a part of Christmas traditions in most places around the world. Over the years, people have gifted all sorts of expensive things to their friends and loved ones during Christmas. Though expensive gifts shouldn’t be the focus of Christmas, it doesn’t hurt to appreciate some of these extravagant gifts. On that note, we will briefly discuss six of the most expensive Christmas gifts people have received:

The Orlov Diamond – Priceless 

There have been several estimates of this historic 189.62-carat diamond in the shape of half a chicken egg, but the actual value remains unknown. It is believed to have been a Christmas gift for Russian Empires Catherine the Great, though there are unverified claims that she purchased it with state budget. We choose to believe that it was a Christmas gift from Orlov and the most expensive Christmas gift of all time. 

Evalyn’s Jewels, Star of the East and Hope Diamond – $250 Million 

There is a little bit of controversy about the Star of the East diamond owned by Evalyn Walsh. Some argue that it was a gift from her father, while others say that she purchased the 94.8-carat pear-shaped diamond as a wedding and Christmas gift with cash given to her by her father. Three years after acquiring the historic diamond, her husband gifted her a 45.52 carat Hope diamond. She was indeed a lucky woman, owning two of the most famous diamonds in history. 

Residential Property – $88 Million 

Russian Billionaire, Dmitry Rybolovleva, bought his daughter, 22-year-old Ekaterina Rybolovleva, a famous Sanford Weill Manhattan property worth $88 million as a Christmas present. 

Diamond and Ruby Ring – $4.5 Million 

Richard Burton gave his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, a ruby ring worth a whopping $4.2 million as a Christmas gift in 1968. Liz agreed it was one of the perfect gifts she has received.

Beckham’s Present – $3 Million

David and Victoria Beckham are among the most popular couples of our time, and it is nice to see that their love story finds its way into this piece. David has given Victoria many wonderful gifts, but the $2.4 million Boucheron ruby and diamond necklace is obviously the most expensive. It was presented as a Christmas gift with other gifts like a diamond-encrusted handbag and a custom-built Rolls-Royce Phantom.  

Hong Kong Superstar’s Gift – $2.6 Million 

Aaron Kwok once bought a $2.6 million real estate property for then-girlfriend, Lynn Hung, as a Christmas gift. It is a little sad the couple never made it to the altar. 

There you have it! Above are some of the most expensive Christmas gifts people have received. Wealthy people love to celebrate Christmas my getting their loved one expensive items. If you have the money, there’s nothing stopping you from getting something expensive for your family this Christmas.