5 Summer and Fall Jobs for College Students

lifeguard by swimming pool

In summer and Fall, many college students are looking for part-time or full-time jobs. It can be hard to find a job that is both flexible with time and pays well. Summer jobs for college students include everything from working at a summer camp to being a lifeguard! Here are some summer and fall jobs for college students that you might want to look into!


If you’re looking out of state in your home town, the local pool often needs help with certified Lifeguards. Once you have CPR training, you can spend time at the pool while also being a watchful eye for the safety of children and adults alike. Making some money while potentially saving lives is a good thing!


Landscaping work often has opportunities in both summer and Fall. This may require you to start working at dawn, but it can be very rewarding as well and can work around a busy schedule. Find landscaping companies that has flexible hours

Retail Sales

This is a relatively common one for many college students. During the summer season, it’s a great time because many shoppers are out of town or on vacation with their families during this time. However, with Covid-19, many seasonal retail job openings around the holidays may be cut back this year.

Summer Camp Counselor

Working as a summer camp counselor is something that many people enjoy doing during the summer season. Working with youth in a variety of ways makes for a rewarding experience while also spending most of your time outdoors.

Amusement Park Worker

Working at any summer amusement park is a summer job that many college students are able to do. These summer jobs often have flexible hours and can be fun! It’s also good for those who love being around people or just need some extra spending money during the summer season.

Teacher’s Assistant

If you’re a college student hoping to get into education someday, summer school is one way to gain experience and build up your resume. Ask local schools what they look for when hiring TAs (teacher assistants), like volunteer work or previous teaching experience, then ask if there are any summer openings where you could apply. Most summer teach assistant jobs require more than just having good grades – interaction with teachers and students during the year helps too!

We hope this list helps you in your consideration of summer and Fall jobs that might be best for you. Good luck!