5 Mom-Approved Style Rules for Boys at School

Dressing modestly among teen boys today is somewhat of a challenge with all of the wild styles available to moms. The good news is that there is still mom-approved style clothing for teen boys. Let us take a look at them below.

Pair of Jeans Paired With a Blazer

This outfit will get you the nod you need from mom and all the attention for the right reasons in school. You can add eye-catching accessories and brightly colored shoes to accentuate the clothing assemble.

Cut the Right Hairstyle

A hairstyle goes hand in hand with a clothing outfit. Your aim is for people to notice your hair; not just what you wear. Cut or make your hair according to the size and shape of your face. Always ensure you look at yourself in a mirror before you step outside the house.

Check Out Short Sleeves

It is not only long-sleeved shirts that are considered moderate; short sleeves are as well. Short sleeves should be mostly sought-after when you want to look suitable for any occasion. They are quite fitting.

Avoid Repetitive Patterns

A lot of teen boys go after clothes with repetitive patterns. This kind of clothing style does not always fit every one wearing them. To avoid looking odd, it is best to give this clothing style a wide berth.

Avoid Below the Knee Shorts

Shorts that go all the way below your knees makes you appear shorter. This gives the impression that you are short and it is not an image that you would want to create amongst your peers in school. Shorts that are at knee length make you appear smarter and cooler.

There you have it! Above are some mom-approved fashion style rules for teen boys that want to look trendy at school. It does not take much after all to look trendy in school. These are some of the fashion styles to stay in mom’s good books and agreeable with your peers at school. Check out our guide for women, too!

Always ensure that your wears are of good quality.