5 Fun Facts About Acoustic Guitars

man playing guitar

Acoustic guitars are one of the most popular instruments in the world. Here are 5 fun facts that you might not know!

1) Top Wood Impacts The Tone

One of the most common questions beginning guitarists ask is whether or not a certain guitar sounds better because of the brand. While it may be true for some brands (i.e., Gibson Guitars), it’s certainly not true for all of them, let alone more expensive ones. You may be surprised to know that where the top wood comes from makes quite an impact on how good an acoustic guitar sounds!

2) Martin Guitars Set The Standard For Tone

Martin Acoustic Guitars are known as the standard bearer by which other acoustic guitars are measured by. These particular models, especially vintage guitars by Martin from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, have been used by everyone from Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan; they’re virtually synonymous with “acoustic guitarist” from the early 20th century to present day.

3) Size Matters

Yes, this isn’t a joke! The general rule of thumb is that smaller guitars tend to have a brighter quality while bigger ones tend to be warmer and more full-bodied. These qualities can vary from guitar to guitar, though it’s mostly based off body style and size. If you’re looking for something bright and twangy, look no further than a parlor or OOO model acoustic. For something with a bit more low end presence, dreadnoughts are the way to go!

4) Price Doesn’t Matter

No seriously! Price doesn’t matter when it comes to tone if you pick carefully. While you won’t find a strong correlation between price and quality in most cases, there are some brands that are just flat out over-priced. A good way to test the legitimacy of whether or not a brand is overcharging is to take two guitars from similar build quality and same general style, but different prices; often times the cheaper one will sound better!

5) Tuning Pegs Matter

This particular fact is VERY important for modern guitarists who like drop tunings. Many newer acoustic models come with “easy open” tuning pegs that make changing tunings an absolute breeze (or nightmare depending on how you view it). But having these types of pegs makes it tough if your strings slip out of tune during playing. If this is an issue that you face while playing then we recommend getting a “locking” tuner, such as the Snark Tuner. They aren’t very expensive and they’ll save you literally hundreds of headaches during your lifetime!