5 Famous Reality TV Doctors

There are many things that make medical reality shows endearing. They are mostly fascinating, letting viewers gain insights into challenging medical cases. In addition to teaching viewers how medical conditions are resolved in some of the most spectacular medical facilities, these shows offer some sort of entertainment we can’t find anywhere else.

It is not uncommon for many viewers to fell in love with reality TV doctors. This is expected since most viewers spend hours watching these doctors try to save lives and improves overall health with their expertise and experience.

Who is your favorite reality TV Doctor? Before you answer the question, here are five of the most famous ones you should know:

Addison Montgomery – Private Practice

The lovely Dr. Addison Montgomery is one of America’s most respected ob-gyns and neonatal surgeons. Her level-headed personality is one of the reasons she is so loved by viewers, even after leaving her job and colleagues at Grey’s Anatomy to join Private Practice.

Derek Shepherd – Grey’s Anatomy

It is hard, if not impossible, to find a Neurosurgeon as charming as Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy. He has a loving heart – he actually slipped into depression when she lost a pregnant patient. It is not surprising to see that he has a lovely surgeon as a wife.

Miranda Bailey – Grey’s Anatomy

Another incredible surgeon from Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Miranda Bailey, is another famous reality TV doctor that has captured the heart of many. Her demeanor may not be the most friendly at times, but her skillset and loyalty to those around her are endearing.

Sydney Hansen – Providence

Honestly, it will be a tough call for a hotshot Los Angeles plastic surgeon to relocate to her hometown of Providence. Dr. Sydney did that when she graced our television screen in Providence from 1999 to 2002. She won so many hearts because of her calm and caring nature.

J.D. Dorian – Scrubs

Dr. Dorian is a quirky, caring, and charismatic surgeon that appeared on NBC’s Scrubs from 2001 to 2009. He had a special way of connecting with patients, regardless of their attitude. He was excellent and won many hearts too.

We can name several other famous reality TV doctors, but these are the ones who had the most effects on us.