5 Best Movies Based on True Stories

It would be best if you understood that some of Hollywood’s incredible movies are inspired by personal stories and actual events of success, resilience, and tragedy. Peruse through this list of movies based on life events that depict individuals and memories.

Escape From Alcatraz – 1979

The movies were adapted from the real-life events that happened on Alcatraz Island. The belief was that it was impossible to escape from this island until three brave men did the impossible in 1962. Although this fact is still in contention, this enthralling event is a satisfactory examination of fantasies and facts.

Apocalypse Now – 1979

Adapted from Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad in 1899, this movie showcases the events that happened to the author. The cast and assassinator, Captain Willard, was sent to Cambodia to eliminate a notorious colonel who is behaving like a god.

The Imitation Game – 2014

The story mirrors the story of Alan Turing – a computer scientist. Alan tries to unlock the Enigma code used by the Nazis to provide security to protect their messages.  Although Alan was a genius, it wasn’t easy to work with him. Nevertheless, he will have to overcome these challenges to succeed in this task.

Into the Wild – 2007

This movie depicts a true story about the spiritual journey of someone via the natural world. Into the Wild highlights the numerous problems and conflicts that affect those feeling uneasy with worldly life. Christopher McCandless graduated from Emory University and abandoned his possessions by giving out his entire savings worth over $20000 to charity to pursue his dream.

Lawrence of Arabia – 1962

This true-life event mirrors the experiences of a military officer and Welsh diplomat, Thomas Lawrence, during WWI. Also, the movie highlights the emotional struggle of the officer coupled with violence that is characteristic of the war. Lawrence of Arabia is a genuinely epic movie well-documented and reveals the events inherent in a war setting.

There you have it! Above are some of the best movies based on true stories. Ensure that you download these movies and have a nice moment with your family and loved ones. You can never go wrong watching these epic movies as they depict events in the real world.