4 People Who Survived Journeys through Deserts

Most of us enjoy watching movies about survival. A good number of us that do can’t even imagine the horror of being in the shoes of the actors. But it is all fiction and acting, after all. Or is it?

While some survival stories are fictions, some are real. Yes, there are several people who went off the beaten track, ended up in deserts or bad places, and watch things go horribly wrong. While some succumb in the face of serious adversities, others survive the ordeal and get back home with some of the most interesting real-life stories.

Do you know about real people who survived risky journeys? Here are four of such people and summaries of their stories:  

Aron Ralston

Imagine being in a situation that requires cutting off your own arm to survive? Aron Ralston found himself in such a situation. He made up his mind and did what was necessary to escape certain death after becoming trapped by a boulder. He waited five days before taking this decision and has become famous for that.

Mauro Prosperi

Mauro Prosperi, an Italian police officer, got lost in the Sahara Desert in 1994 while taking part in the 1994 Marathon of the Sands in Morocco. He became disoriented and found himself in an abandoned Muslim shrine in Algeria. He had to kill and eat bats and drink his own urine to survive. He walked in the desert for nine days, eating insects and reptiles, before finding a small village and getting help.

Sir Douglas Mawson

There are controversies surrounding how exactly Sir Douglas Mawson survived when he was stranded with Xavier Mertz during an Australian Antarctic Expedition in the early 20th century. All we can say here is that he was the only survivor after subsisting on their remaining dogs and then on starvation rations.

Ricky Megee

Ricky Megee’s story is sad and heartwarming at the same time. While driving through the Australian Outback to a new job, he picked up a group of hitchhikers, and that was his undoing. He woke up in a shallow grave with dingoes scratching at the plastic wrapped around him. He survived 71 days in the wilderness before workers in a remote cattle ranch found him.

These are just four stories of real survivalists. Many more people have survived the wilderness, but these are the popular documented ones.