bp will resume oil capture after well tests end

BP Will Resume Oil Capture After Well Tests End

Jul 18th, 2010 – BusinessWeek

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July 17 (Bloomberg) — BP Plc will open its sealed Macondo gusher in the Gulf of Mexico and channel oil to vessels on the surface after extending tests on the well another 24 hours, the U.S. government decided.

BP, based in London, stopped the flow of oil and began testing on July 15 to look for damage. After reviewing two days of data, BP found no evidence of hidden leaks, Kent Wells, BP’s senior vice president for exploration and production, said on a conference call with reporters today.

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    washington – bp plc and the us government agreed saturday to extend pressure testing on the new cap sealing the leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico, which was holding with no reports of fresh oil flowing.
    bp’s 48-hour window for pressure testing

  • BP confident of oil cap success

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    bp has expressed growing confidence that a blown-out gulf of mexico well has been effectively sealed, but said pressure tests could be extended to ensure there were no seabed leaks.
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  • More tests needed on BP’s capped oil well

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    -out gulf of mexico well appeared strong enough to keep oil from leaking on saturday, but officials said tests could be extended beyond 48 hours as pressure in the well was rising more slowly than they had hoped.

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    tests, seismic surveys and temperature gauges indicate the integrity of the well may be intact and the amount of oil in the reservoir is being depleted after three months of flowing into the gulf of mexico. there is no evidence of hidden leaks, kent

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    ) (bp.l) stricken gulf of mexico oil well showed no signs of leaking on friday, but officials intensified oversight after a critical test showed pressure barely rising in the capped gusher.
    bp began pressure tests on the well after choking it off

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