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  • Newark Liberty Airport to be first in area to get full-body scanners

    Jan 2nd, 2010 – NY Daily News

    newark liberty airport is getting full-body scanners that reveal all – and could keep terrorists like the undie bomber from boarding planes.
    the gizmos, which cost about $170,000 apiece, are destined for terminal b, which handles all international

  • Newark Liberty International Airport to receive full-body scanners – The Star-Ledger

    Jan 1st, 2010 – NJ

    newark liberty international airport is in line this year to receive full-body scanners, x-ray machines that proponents say could have stopped “underwear bomber” umar farouk abdulmutallab before he boarded a plane headed for detroit on christmas day

  • US scanners went unused at Nigeria airport

    Dec 31st, 2009 – MiamiHerald

    lagos, nigeria — the u.s. gave nigeria four full-body scanners for its international airports in 2008 to detect explosives and drugs, but none were used on the man suspected trying to blow up a detroit-bound flight, nigerian officials say.

  • Netherlands to use full-body scanners

    Dec 31st, 2009 – Philly

    the united states had not wanted the scanners to be used previously because of privacy concerns, but now the obama administration has agreed that “all possible measures will be used on flights to the u.s.,” dutch interior minister guusje ter horst

  • 150 more full-body scanners to go in U.S. airports

    Dec 31st, 2009 – CNN

    -bound airliner.
    the transportation security administration ordered the scanners before the bombing attempt for up to $170,000 apiece. plans are also in place to purchase an additional 300 units by 2012, tsa officials said.
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