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  • President Barack Obama and family hike, swim and eat ice cream on vacation …

    Jul 17th, 2010 – NY Daily News

    hiking and swimming and ice cream, oh my.
    president obama and his family have had an action-packed weekend so far in bay harbor maine, despite criticism that he should be spending his vacation time in the oil-ravaged gulf coast, cnn reported

  • President Barack Obama blasts GOP during speech: Quit obstructing jobless …

    Jul 17th, 2010 – NY Daily News

    the president would like republicans to change their message from “hell no you can’t” to “yes we can.”
    president barack obama took a partisan tone during his weekly saturday address, blasting senate republicans for blocking jobless benefits

  • Barack Obama hails new plant, has harsh words for foes

    Jul 16th, 2010 – Freep

    holland — president barack obama on thursday praised construction of a new, $303-million automotive battery plant paid for in part with government money, as he chided political foes in congress for trying to block his economic policies

  • BP oil spill: Barack Obama’s investigation hears of ‘friction’

    Jul 12th, 2010 –

    a commission appointed by barack obama to uncover the cause of america’s worst environmental disaster turned its sights today on the clash of wills between bp and the operator of the doomed deepwater horizon rig.
    in the high-stakes world of offshore

  • Barack Obama and Netanyahu put fallout behind them at talks

    Jul 6th, 2010 –

    barack obama and binyamin netanyahu today sought to paper over the deep political rift between the us and israel and publicly avoided any mention of the main areas of friction, including the continued expansion of jewish settlements.
    in stark

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