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  • Portugal votes under shadow of economic bailout

    Jun 5th, 2011 – Yahoo! News

    lisbon (afp) – portugal voted sunday in an early election to decide who implements a 78 billion euro bailout deal, with the opposition favourites to win after six years of socialist rule and near financial collapse.
    opinion polls give the social

  • Portuguese vote in shadow of bailout

    Jun 5th, 2011 – Yahoo! News

    lisbon (reuters) – the portuguese went to the polls on sunday to elect a government which will lead the nation through a period of deep austerity and recession after it received a 78-billion-euro bailout from the european union and imf.
    the election

  • Greece recommended for next batch of bailout

    Jun 3rd, 2011 – Yahoo! News

    athens, greece – greece is poised to receive the next installment of its bailout facility, and will likely get further rescue loans to prevent it from defaulting on its massive debts, european officials said friday.
    debt inspectors from the european

  • Romney: Bankruptcy, not bailouts, saved Detroit

    Jun 3rd, 2011 – CBS News

    (cbs news) republican presidential candidate mitt romney said today the turnaround by chrysler and general motors was thanks to their being taken into bankruptcy court, not the bailout dollars that were given the automakers by the bush and obama

  • Taxpayer loss on auto bailout narrows

    Jun 1st, 2011 – Reuters

    . “it will be what it is.”
    while the administration long ago conceded it would write off a portion of the $80 billion bailout, loss estimates have fallen from more than 60 percent to less than 20 percent, according to white house economic advisers.
    bloom said gm and chrysler

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