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  • US scanners went unused at Nigeria airport

    Dec 31st, 2009 – MiamiHerald

    farouk abdulmutallab, tracked by cameras through the security check, only went through a metal detector and had his bag x-rayed when he arrived at nigeria’s busiest airport to start his journey, the officials say.
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  • 150 more full-body scanners to go in U.S. airports

    Dec 31st, 2009 – CNN

    washington (cnn) — one hundred and fifty new full-body scanning machines are set to be placed in airports across the united states as federal authorities work to close security loopholes exposed by the attempted christmas day bombing of a u.s.

  • TSA maintains high security at airports

    Dec 31st, 2009 – CNN

    washington (cnn) — the transportation security administration on thursday extended through at least the weekend heightened security measures in the aftermath of a failed attempt to blow up a u.s. jetliner, the agency said.
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  • Nigeria to Use Full-Body Scanners to Improve Security at its Airports

    Dec 30th, 2009 – VOA News

    dutch and nigerian officials say the two countries will begin using full-body scanners to tighten airport security after a nigerian passenger – umar farouk abdulmutallab — tried to blow up a u.s. airliner heading from amsterdam to the midwestern

  • Amsterdam airport to beef up security

    Dec 30th, 2009 – ABC News

    amsterdam’s schiphol airport will begin using full-body scanners within three weeks to scan people travelling to the united states.
    accused plane bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab was flying en route from amsterdam to detroit on christmas day

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