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  • Gates urges Afghans to take more security responsibilities

    Jun 4th, 2011 – MiamiHerald

    “for the upcoming transition to be successful, the afghan government and security forces must be willing to step up and take more security responsibility for governing and defending their own territory,” gates said while talking with afghan president

  • Gates Seeks Afghan Anti-Corruption Steps as Drawdown Begins

    Jun 4th, 2011 – Bloomberg

    defense secretary robert gates urged afghan president hamid karzai and his government to step up anti-corruption measures and to improve services as u.s.-led troops begin a “modest” drawdown this year.
    a combination of “serious losses

  • The Afghan Taliban’s Grand Strategy: First Take Nuristan

    Jun 1st, 2011 – Yahoo! News

    is there to hear and settle disputes. but despite his group’s ascendancy, he struggles to burnish his credentials among his constituents, even in an area where loathing for nato and the afghan government runs deep. “people aren’t happy, but they pretend

  • Afghan president seeks to limit NATO airstrikes

    May 31st, 2011 – Forbes

    are not allowed,” karzai told reporters in kabul.
    nato says it never conducts such strikes without afghan government

  • Bombs kill 4 in Afghan city

    May 30th, 2011 – Los Angeles Times

    have targeted heavily guarded afghan government and security installations.
    related afghan officials say nato strike

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